Supervised Contact

Contact with a child is how and when a child gets to spend time with a parent or another person who doesn't have day-to-day care of them. It used to be called "access".

Supervised contact is where contact with a child takes place in a safe, controlled place, with someone such as a relative, another person or an organisation. It usually happens when one parent has been violent, either towards the other parent or towards the child. Supervised contact can give a parent the chance to rebuild their relationship with their child. You can choose to use a supervised contact service, or the court might order it.

The court can make an Order about supervised contact:

  • if the judge has concerns about a child’s safety – for example, if someone has said the parent has  been violent or the court has made a Protection Order against them
  • in some situations that don’t involve violence – for example, to reintroduce a parent to a child     when they haven’t been in contact for awhile.

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