Takawaenga / Community Māori liaison

Takawaenga / Community Māori Liaison

A takawaenga (Community Māori Liaison) is available to support mana whenua aspirations and needs of the community, introductions to our services and meet people where they are, so that there is no whakama in accessing the services and resources we have on offer.

The Takawaenga help us to nurture and grow deeper relationships with local hapū so that we can get to know and understand our mana whenua and tangata whenua community at a deeper level, and enhance and strengthen our delivery outcomes and impact as a result. 

Our Takawaenga, Errol Gilbert is contributing to longer-term aspirations that are relevant and valued by mana whenua including developing a whenua education programme for local students to improve their connection to the whenua. Errol was also a mentor on the year 10 youth programme Te Ata Wharekawa earlier this year, involving rangatahi in activities to strengthen their self-worth and connections.

Errol is the Honorary Trustee of the Whangamatā Community Marae Trust, alongside ECCS Executive Lead, Michelle Crooke and ECCS Manager, Natalie Boyd, all supporting and participating to the communities’ aspirations; Matariki, Kapa Haka and development of the Whangamatā Community Marae – 101 Lindsay Road.

The relationship of our Takawaenga and mana whenua sees Errol consulting on whenua dune restoration with TCDC Coast Care; Waitkato Regional Council consulting on the Islands of Tunaiti for restoration of flora and fauna, native wildlife and pest management; and Whangamatā habour care.

Our Takawaenga works with all ages.

Contact Errol at errol.gilbert@communityservices.org.nz to connect or make a referral Help Starts Here.


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