Whānau Resilience

The aim of whānau resilience is to support whānau to live violence-free and to eliminate violence for the next generation. 

Whānau resilience focuses on five pou, or service areas, which have been proven to be effective for long term responses, including:

  • Strengthen cultural identity and whakapapa.  Support whanau to develop their sense of identity within their whānau, hapu and iwi and within te ao māori, and whakamana whānau to take charge of their own destiny. 
  • Strengthen social capability and community connection.  Grow community capacity and capability to support and sustain change. 
  • Support behaviour change for men and people using violence.  Respectfully challenge men and those using violence to take responsibility for their behaviour, and provide ongoing strengths based, culturally responsive support which helps people to heal and chose to use non violence.
  • Support trauma healing and recovery from violence.  Use a trauma informed analysis of family violence and the devastating impacts this has on those directly affected or exposed to it. 
  • Create healthy relationships and skills.  Create opportunities to build skills, knowledge and experiences to enable strong, positive and respectful relationships in parents, partners, whanau and community.

These pou are underpinned by being informed by local whānau voices, and by adapting, learning and innovating based on whānau voice.

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