Previously called the Whangamatā Community Services Trust, in July 2022 we changed our name to reflect the area we serve.

School Holiday Programme

Community Services run a School Holiday Programme. It is our goal to provide an environment where children feel respected, valued and nurtured, and their parents can be secure in the knowledge their children are safe and happy. 

Our programme is designed to ensure our tamariki are included as a vital part of our local community.  

It is our belief that all children should be treated fairly, with compassion and patience. 

We aim to provide a balance of free play and supervised indoor and outdoor activities. We run a variety of art and craft activities, sports and games as well as providing an assortment of toys and play equipment for self-directed play. We take regular trips around Whangamata and beyond, exploring beaches, the bush, swimming, fishing and much more!

Fill out our Enrolment Form to get started.

Location: Baptist Church, 301 Port Road, Whangamata.

Holiday Programme hours: 8.30am to 3.30pm

Next Holiday Programme - 3rd July - 13th July 2023

Use the Booking Form to book our July Holiday Programme or email for more information.

Kids Club Booking Form

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