Terms of Service

Eastern Coromandel Community Services is a team of professionals who work together to support the needs of our community.

→   When you are engaged with Eastern Coromandel Community Services you will be asked to agree and consent to receive support from our services. Your rights and responsibilities and the complaints procedure will be explained to you, with a copy given for your records.

→   Your information may need to be shared within the team of people who have/are working with you to help us better understand you and your needs.

→   Should there be a risk to a clients personal safety or others around them, that information will be escalated to people and/or agencies that can provide specialist intervention.

→   When engaged with our service, clients are asked to attend appointments as arranged and contact their key worker if they are unable to attend.

→   Clients will be discharged, and their file will be closed should they fail to show twice without prior notice.

→   We will ask you if you agree to the collection of statistical information for the purposes of auditing and improving service delivery. See our Privacy Policy for more information.


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